At BabyCheck we provide the highest quality Fetal Ultrasounds. All our ultrasounds are performed by qualified Fetal Ultrasound Sonographers and are reported by Fetal Medical Consultants, Professor Fergal Malone & Professor Sean Daly.


3D/4D scans

Ideally scanned between weeks 26 to 34, our 3D/4D Fetal Well-Being Scans give the best results. You can clearly see your baby’s features, and any movements or facial expressions.

You keep a 10-15 min video on DVD with 10-15 images, four colour and two black and white pictures. These perfect and enduring mementos capture your first view of your unborn baby to treasure forever.


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Our Consultant Provided Services

Scan Type:



Early Dating / Fetal Viability Scan

6 to 14


1st Trimester Scan

11 to 13


Fetal Anomaly & Gender Scan

18 to 24


Growth & Fetal Well-being Scan

26 to term


3D/4D Bonding & Fetal Well-being Scan at BabyCheck

26 to 34


Our Experts

While most 3D / 4D scanning facilities provide a non-medical, aesthetic view of your baby, we at are qualified to assess your pregnancy from a medical perspective whilst
allowing you to enjoy the 3D / 4D experience.

All Ultrasounds at Babycheck clinics are performed by experienced obstetric sonographers and our scans are reported by Fetal Medicine Consultants

Professor Fergal Malone, MD, FACOG,

Professor & Chairman, Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
Subspecialist Maternal Fetal Medicine.

Sean Daly

Professor Sean Daly MD, MRCOG, FRCPI

Head of Perinatal Medicine, Coombe Women &
Infants University Hospital.


Charter Medical

Babycheck® operates in association with Maternal Fetal Ultrasound at Charter Medical and has been developed to allow patients easy access to the highest level of clinical expertise when conducting medical ultrasound examinations on babies in the womb.

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